Dining Tables for Gaming

These dual-surface tables are here to expertly facilitate your needs. Bring your hobbies out of the garage and your games out of the closet-- laptops, art projects, sewing, puzzles, paperwork, homework, card games, minis, and meals are all at home on our dining and gaming tables. For the first time, you don't need to compromise; you can have a table that is beautiful and functional! No matter what your need of the moment is-- Your Geek Chic table serves an invitation to break bread and share in what truly defines our lives.

Geek Chic Made-to-Order tables require a deposit and contact with one of our amazing Valets to optimize your table's configuration to your desired experience. Here, you will find our collection of gaming tables that are also suitable for the dining room. Click each for more information.

If you're ready to start your Geek Chic Epic Journey, go ahead and use the links to place your deposit. To learn more about the journey visit The Process page.