Dice Tower
Dice Tower
Dice Tower
Dice Tower
Dice Tower
Dice Tower
Dice Tower

Dice Tower
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$ 95.00

This is how we roll.

This Dice Tower is truly worthy of the term tower! Geek Chic's Dice Tower takes design cues from the ruins of fortresses of olde.  

Toss your dice into the top and they tumble down over broken beams, landing in the long, dry moat with a satisfying sound, providing a lifetime of truly random results. 

 It is also quite the conversation starter we have been told!

Key Features

  • Internal pegs provide randomization with a pleasant pachinko-like sound.
  • A hardwood standard.
  • Solid hardwood construction for a lifetime of play.
  • Conversion varnish finish makes the wood completely hydrophobic.

The Dice Tower is an excellent gift for the dice gamer in your life.

Tower dimensions:

8 1/4" H x 3 1/2" W x 3 1/2" D

Base dimensions: 3 1/2"W x 7"D
Roll capacity:

up to 17 - 20 dice per roll

 Available in:

  • Cherry with maple 
  • Walnut with maple

Our dice randomizers are especially great for...

  • Keeping dice rolls properly randomized.
  • Containing dice rolls on crowded tables.
  • Preventing dice from rolling off tabletops.
  • Playing games with children.
  • Anyone with reduced motor control.

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