ROLL WITH ME: Never giving up on my bucket list

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Hello Fellow Geeks,

Sometimes an idea comes along that you never want to give up.  It all started like most of our ideas start, with a “wouldn’t it be awesome if we made _____”.  And we all laughed said “Yeah!” and “Totally!”.  That was 5 years ago.

Over the years I did occasional research on the “D.L.” under a wide emotional mix of pride and shame.  I never desert a dream and I held on to the fleeting hope that someday...maybe...

Last year kicked my butt.  So this year I decided to stop giving up and start crossing things off my bucket list.  I am not telling you a lie when I admit this was on my list.

I gathered all my accumulated research and met with an artist.  I discussed the really important things, like a sincere lip and popped collar.  Many drafts later, and criticisms like “Does that leg look too...heavy?” we had the image.  I have a deep emotional reaction every time I look at it.  Images should evoke...this one hurt me a little, but never made me cry... yet.

Next I took the image and created my look board - delicately crafting a color palette that pays homage to the original inspiration.  

Finally I was ready to run around and prototype!

Upon being shown, my cohorts were like, “good one!” and had lots of complimentary spit-takes to contribute.  Then the realization hit them and they were all like “Dude, I want one”.  I never want to let them down, so instead of keeping it to myself, I am sharing it with all of you..who happen upon it.  

It’s my birth month and I am gonna give you, the offer of friendship...or fiendship.  The cumulation of 5 years of never giving up on the dream.  An item to proudly use in your home, or inflict on others.  An item being hailed as a uniter, divider and conversation starter.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, I proudly present, without further ado:  

The Rick Roller

The Rick Roller by Geek Chic


Brenda Holzknecht
Geek Chic

Rick's Back will never

Rick's Roller Back Side by Geek Chic

How to get your own Rick Roller.


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