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For 40 years RPG, War, and Board Gamers have asked the fantasy question, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a table...?”

8 years ago we made that fantasy a reality at Geek Chic.  Innovative dual surface gaming tables that are as at home in dining rooms, living rooms and dens as they are in basements.

Almost immediately the question became, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place to put your leaves when they weren’t on the table?”  

8 years and dozens of prototypes later, we (finally) have the Leaf Block.

It’s simple-

We wanted it to be just what it was - intermittent storage.  While under the table storage contraptions and benches that store leaves sounded great to us at one point, awkwardness of use as well as the significant price that would be associated proved our folly.

Yet elegant-

These dovetailed solid wood boxes look at home near the table as well as stored away.  While our experiments with “fleece leaf socks” would have almost certainly made them cheaper, using them was like getting a 3rd grader into their snowsuit while they can see their friends already playing out the window!  They also managed to look just as awkward when bundled up.

It’s mobile-

While you should never move the leaf block when it is loaded, it is easily moved to new areas when empty.  We haven’t given up on wall mounted solutions, but they are a lot more complicated and less flexible; therefore, not so great for lots of people who just want leaf storage.  

And well tested-

So many iterations of the basic Leaf Block were made, but our biggest issue has been when vertical, the leaves tended to be more tippy than we wanted them to be when using our traditional in-house materials.  The big breakthrough came with the idea of a foam insert and it forced us to do something we hadn’t really done before - we had to work with others.  This has been a learning process for us; being the geeks we are, we are so used to being able to do in-house whatever we want ourselves.  Frankly, few companies have our high standards of quality and we are used to being able to just get it done.

This is the first of several products coming out with our new found ability to play with others.   


Geek Chic

The Highlights of the Leaf Block

Low overall cost: $365 ~ $555 price range.

Small footprint:   12" high, 14"deep and either 15” or 27” wide.

Sturdy: Dovetail construction

High quality: Hardwood exterior, dovetail construction & firm EVA foam insert

Protective: The EVA foam cushions and flexes to allow for easy insertion and removal.  

Order your Leaf Block here.


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