The Vanguard Origin Story

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The Vanguard actually started with the making of a completely different table–The Drop Ship Card Table.

We wanted to create a Geek Chic table that was easy to assemble, store, transport, ship by standard mail, and made to limited monthly inventory. 

Those goals led us to these design choices:

  • Using industry standard legs.
  • A lightweight, replaceable lid in one color.
  • Minimizing the size and depth of the table to decrease weight.
  • Choosing 2 small sizes that could be easily drop-shipped via standard carriers–like regular UPS or FedEx.

The Drop Ship Card Table - (Retired)

Drop Ship Card Table

What we made vs what we want for you

We took a dozen of these tables to a dozen conventions, and a few game rooms. All that travel, public use, and repeated assembly really wears on a piece and we learned a lot.

  • Using industry standard legs was efficient, but not as strong as we would like. This leg style is super easy to use–you see it everywhere, but the weaknesses are the kind of thing we strive to avoid with our designs.
  • The lightweight, replaceable lid was a success.  
  • Clients wanted a larger table; gatherings of 4-8 instead of 2-4.
  • The overall style was nondescript and NOT exciting–lacking the elegance and personality like the rest of our Geek Chic designs.


Overall, the DropShip Card Table was well received and is a fine product for a Ready-Made world. Yet the Drop Ship Card Table didn't meet our Geek Chic standards. We are geeks, gamer geeks, wood geeks, geek craftspeople–and as such, we are constantly tinkering.   We decided to take what we learned and give this table a redesign. 

Back to the drawing board

We went back to our roots - board gaming - and this is what we did:

  • We selected the most popular size and configuration for board gamers–nearly doubling the Game Vault. 
  • We selected a combination of our two most popular woods, cherry & walnut, creating one model with two looks–to blend into more spaces.
  • We kept the light weight, replaceable lid and added both wood tones, one to each side–making our first reversible lid.
  • We constructed a solid table, designed to set up and break down easily! 
From The Drop Ship Card Table...  ...To The Standard Vanguard
The Standard Vanguard
Size: 2’6” x 3'10" Game Vault
Size: 3' x 5' Game Vault
    Out with the old leg... ...and in with the new!

    The table was so improved and different than the Drop Ship Card Table, that we felt it deserved its own name.*

    A new table style is born:  The Vanguard

    We think this is one of our best offerings yet both in value and quality.  We are so pleased with the final design, that we decided to add this table to our Made-To-Order line, offering custom sizes and wood choices, for those who would prefer to wait for their perfect table.

     The Standard Vanguard The Vanguard
    The Standard Vanguard The Vanguard
    Happy with the standard package and want one on a faster timeline–like Christmas? Then purchase a Ready-Made Standard Vanguard. They start shipping out this November on a first come, first served basis, so get in line now as quantities are limited!

    Love the style and want to customize your perfect table? Then deposit for a Made-To-Order Vanguard.  Current lead times to delivery have just dropped to 9-11 months.  While you wait choose your perfect size, wood color, height, and be able to add on many other customizable options.

     *Technically it is not its own name. Fun Fact:  The Portal table was briefly known as The Vanguard when it was originally launched in 2010.  

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