The Geek Chic Swag Policy

[MEMORANDUM] A Geek Chic internal policy, not redacted, not confidential, for everyone’s eyes only.

What is Swag?

As much as I like Justin Bieber’s amorphous definition of “like cool but more than that”, I am referring to another bit of slang. Free stuff you get for being present, fortunate or admired. The kind of swag we get at Geek Chic is wildly varied–from T-shirts and papercraft promotional items to gaming keyboards and original art.  We get swag from a wide range of people like hardwood vendors, fellow exhibitors and our awesome customers. 

What do we do with Swag?

In many companies swag is either not accepted at all, or is pocketed by the persons that are there in the moment. This is where the dictionary definition of swag “money or goods taken by a burglar” may come into play.

It always feels a little rude to not accept a present, and just keeping what someone handed to you somehow seemed off for Geek Chic.  I founded the company and there probably isn’t a figure more instrumental to Geek Chic than I.  That said, Geek Chic is the result of many people’s hard work and passion.  So many, that my share of the glory of Geek Chic could only be described as a significant minority. We are successful because we work together as a team.

So I came up with a different way–The Geek Chic way. 

The Geek Chic Swag Policy

 First, swag is added to The Lending Library.  1-2 copies of any game, book, graphic novel, RPG manual, etc. are catalogued and then available for employees to check out and enjoy with friends, family and archenemies (you know who you are).

Next, art originals and prints are attempted to be given a home in the halls and workspaces of Geek Chic for all to enjoy.  

All remaining swag gets divvied up at The Great Geek Chic Swag Party.

The Great Geek Chic Swag Party

Once a year Geek Chic hosts The Geek Chic Swag Party for all employees and their families.  We close the shop early, dust ourselves off and then eat the food, play the games and share all the oft strange and glorious plunder that has been accumulated that year.   

Every employee receives a swag bag at the party which may include (but is not limited to) things like T-shirts, water bottles, bracelets, mugs, pins, stickers, bottle openers, framed pictures of Bret Michaels, fancy paper beholders and more!  (Hello Kitty paper hats trended at last year’s swag party.)

More specialized items (like extra copies of games, artwork, gamer gear, retiring tables, and fragile stuff) are given away with a lottery priority pick system.

So if you ever are inclined to give someone at Geek Chic a case of Adam Jensen figurines, 10,000 spider rings, or (my personal favorite) a bottle of booze you think we might like. Please, feel free. It will truly be appreciated by all of us here at Geek Chic.

Cordially,  Signing off, Later dudes,

Robert Gifford


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The Geek Chic Swag Party

We held our annual Geek Chic Swag Party last week.  We want to send a big shout out to all the companies, artists, and creators who contributed...

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