The Making of an Emissary Table

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It's a little known secret that we send our Made-To-Order clients baby pictures of their furniture.

What are baby pictures? 
Baby pictures are a collection of pictures that we take for our clients while their table's parts and pieces are being chosen, sorted, shaped, assembled, coated in several applications of our clear conversion varnish finish, assembled again, checked for quality assurance (QA) and then packed up for home delivery. It's quite a process!

We wanted to share some of these pictures with you, as our craftspeople put a lot of themselves into their work. In fact, at least 8 Geek Chic craftspeople have a hand in making every piece of furniture.

Below are some recent baby pictures of an Emissary table.

This Emissary, and every other piece of Geek Chic furniture, starts out as a pile of rough cut lumber.  The lumber pictured (left) is black walnut that is certified sustainably sourced.

(We do not participate in deforestation!)

In order to create this Emissary, the lumber is sorted and chosen based on color, quality, and usable lengths & thicknesses.  

Pictured (left) are 2 sets of Emissary parts. At this stage, the parts are almost ready to be assembled into a table.  
 This Emissary is being assembled. During this stage you can see about 35 clamps holding it together. This process happens about 3 times per Emissary.  

(On a 7' long table it's not uncommon to see upwards of 50 clamps.) 
This Emissary has just finished being assembled. Now it's time for another round of QA and it starts with the table upside down. 

(It is hard to believe that this is what black walnut looks like before clear finish is applied.)
All Finished!
With 3 coats of conversion varnish this Emissary is completely sealed and ready to be home delivered. 

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