When you realize that the world no longer has much in the way of card catalogues, but that we, the geeks, still recognize and lust after card catalogue hardware and everything it means-- you begin to see where Geek Chic exists: slightly out of time.

The Alexandria Codex is a wonder of modular storage-- a statement piece that champions the things you love. It can be a bookshelf. It can store minis. Or, it can be an honest-to-goodness gamer card catalogue, for those with more M:TG, Dominion, or Munchkin sets than they know what to do with.

Forged to a single purpose, The League was designed to hold comics. No more, no less. Card catalog hardware on every deep drawer lets you name them: Action Comics to Xxxenophile, containing heroes from The Atom to Wolverine.

The Leaf Block is an accessory for the vertical storage of your table's removable hardwood leaves and leaf guards.

And we all wish we were inheriting Grandma's Keep!