Geek Chic Standards

Built, Boxed and Ready to Deliver!

All Geek Chic Standards furniture are handcrafted in the most requested size, configuration, and features–prepackaged and ready for delivery. Click to buy directly through the website.

  • Rail accessories are directly shipped to you via standard mail.  Click to buy!
  • Standards Furniture and fabric insets are freight shipped directly to your home averaging 2-6 weeks from purchase to delivery*. Click to buy!
*Standard freight times are based on lower 48 USA purchasers and vary depending on where you are located in relation to our shop in Everett, WA USA. If you live outside the lower 48 (Alaska, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc,) times will vary depending on your country's import requirements.  Inquire with sales@geekchichq.com for more information.