What is Bespoke?

Bespoke items are completely unique. They must be designed, engineered, prototyped and built based on consultations and adjustments by and for a singular client. Think of it in terms of tailoring: 

Off-the-Shelf ~ These items are Ready-to-wear or Off-the-rack.  You buy the size that best fits you.

Made-to-Order ~ These items are Made-to-measure.  We take your measurements and use existing block patterns to put together the pieces that best align with your measurements in a selection of fabrics and accessories to choose from.

Bespoke ~ We don’t have a pattern or a design, we have knowledge and skill.  We take your exact measurements and design desires to exact fit a custom pattern created just for you.

Bespoke is for the client looking to have something made for them and them alone-- it's the highest degree of customization available. With a special Valet and the dedicated time of our design team, we work with you to create individualized furniture that will last you a lifetime.

Who is a Bespoke client?

You have a geek need that isn't currently met in the current market. You may not know quite what you're looking for, but you want to fulfill that need and you know we're the people to do it. You must have patience, very flexible timelines, and can afford a project of this nature.  You must be willing to communicate with us not only on the phone & email, but in some form of in person as well - like video conferencing.  We will be asking you a lot of questions and then there is the back and forth of the design process.  

Who isn't a client?

To be clear: Simply having money is not enough to work with Geek Chic. (Though it certainly doesn't hurt.) You're asking us to make you something-- it's a personal process.

If you're not willing to go on a journey with us, you shouldn't attempt a bespoke project. You need to give up a little control to get the best from us-- we are engineers, designers, and craftsmen with decades of experience, and we're here to solve your problem. Sometimes, we're even here to solve your solution.

How much does it cost?

Bespoke projects can be between several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. It is all relative to the scope of the project. A simple way of estimating is to try to compare your project with a piece from our catalog. It will not cost less than that.

How long does it take?

This process is very flexible.  We don’t have templates, jigs or designs for the unique something you want.  These items must be designed, engineered, prototyped and built based on consultations and adjustments by and for a singular client.

The nature of your project and the length of time to come to consensus on a design can range widely.   

Current wait times for new Bespoke furniture are roughly 3 years from deposit to delivery for new Bespoke clients.

How do I get in line for a Bespoke piece?

Bespoke is invitation only - your project must be accepted in order to be allowed to deposit to get in line for a Bespoke piece.