Q:  If I place a deposit, can I change my mind and get a different piece?

A:  Yes, you can!  Any deposit can be transferred to an alternate piece of furniture.  You don't have to know the furniture size, wood type, or final configuration either before your place your deposit.  Our Valet team will be assisting you with the process of optimizing your order.  This is all part of the experience with made-to-order geek furniture.


Q:  What is the Carbonite Queue?  What is the freezing your order thing?

A:  When your order reaches the front of the line, you are invited into the Build Queue.  If for any reason you need to delay your build—awaiting tax return, getting married, contractors are running behind, moving, unexpected expenses, etc. just let us know and we will pause your order.  We refer to all paused orders as being “frozen”.  All frozen orders live in the “Carbonite Queue”.

Q:  Can I freeze my order at any time?

A:  No.  You can only freeze your order before going into build.  We cannot place an order into the  Carbonite Queue once it is in the Build Queue.

Q:  Does my order have to start the wait all over if it is in the Carbonite Queue?

A: No, you do not have to start your wait time over.  Your order is frozen just prior to build.  So you don’t have to wait through the backlog of orders to get into build.  Once you thaw and commence to build, you will have the normal wait time as your piece goes through the build and delivery processes.    

Q:  How do I get my order out of the Carbonite Queue?

A:   Just let your Valet know when you are ready to thaw and go into the Build Queue.  The Valet Team will also check in with you from time to time while you are waiting when the appropriate queues are coming up.  In order to resume the build process, your Valet will double check your order with you, find the next available queue for you to be added to, and arrange for your build payment.

Q:  How long can my order stay frozen in carbonite?

A:  Your order can stay in carbonite indefinitely—it is an amazing preserver! However if you are in the Carbonite Queue longer than 6 months, then you still retain your place in line, but pricing will be adjusted to whatever current pricing is when you thaw to build. 

Q: What is carbonite?

A:  Carbonite - If you are unfamiliar with carbonite, Wookieepedia informs us that carbonite is a metal alloy made from carbon mixed with tibanna gas, compressed, and flash-frozen into blocks for transportation.  When it was discovered that carbonite can be used to freeze spacers for their long journeys among the stars, it put an end to the generation ships.  The more you know!

Alternately we recommend enjoying Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, 2, 3, & 6 as quickly as possible as episode 7 will be arriving December 18, 2015.


Q:  Is the table dropped off in my driveway?

A: No. We handle all our own freight so no one drops a multi-thousand dollar table off in your driveway and leaves it there. Our delivery team is there to make sure you get your table and it's set up in your home-- part of the Made-to-Order process includes making sure you are expecting us when we arrive.

Q:  Do the tables come in one piece?

A:  No. The legs are detachable from all of the tables. The drawers are removable from the storage pieces. The acrylic and hardwood leaves are removable. This allows us to maneuver pieces more easily during installation.

Q:  How can we be sure it will fit?

A:  Part of the Made-to-Order process is ensuring that your table will fit. You'll be going through your halls, doors, stairwells, and landings with measuring tapes, and planning the route it will take through your home to your living room/kitchen/game room. You don't want to buy a piece of furniture you cannot fit up the stairs, and around the corner with two people lifting it! We work with you to help make sure the path is clear and the size is right.  If there are any delivery problems, we will let you know all of the possible options in advance.


Q:  What are the Made-To-Order payments?  When do you have to pay what?

A:  There are only 3 required payments:

  1. Deposit payment - This is the payment you make to secure your place in line and begin the whole process.  Each piece of furniture has it’s own standardized deposit amount, see individual furniture pages for details.
  2. Build payment - Once you have configured and confirmed your order, the remaining balance (minus your deposit and any other payments you may voluntarily make while waiting) is due in full before going into build. 
  3. Delivery payment - Your Valet will arrange for your delivery payment approximately 2-3 weeks before delivery occurs.

Q:  Does the deposit go towards the furniture?

A:   Yes, the deposit payment is credited towards your furniture order.  The deposit is the first furniture payment.

Q:  Can I make additional payments while I am waiting to get to the build queue?

A:   Yes, you can make additional payments while you are waiting through the back log.  It is not required, but you can if you want to.  We recommend setting the funds aside in a separate bank account so that they are available when you are invited into the build queue.  Others like to make smaller monthly payments while they are waiting.

Q:  Can I make furniture payments while in the build queue?

A:  No, all funds are due on made-to-order furniture prior to entering the build queue due to their individual nature.  This is very standard for the made-to-order aka custom furniture industry.


Q:  Wait times - Why the ranges?  Why do they change?  Why can’t you give me a firm answer?

A:  We have learned that projecting a schedule when more than a month or two out when creating a hand made product is more than difficult, it is statistically unlikely.  We have been making made-to-order furniture since 2008 and have lots of data.

Here are the factors we know about:

  1. Orders before yours - We build in the order received, so the number of orders ahead of yours play a part in the basics of waiting in line.  (If you have ever experienced a Disney “fast pass”, sorry we don’t have one of those systems.) 
  2. Build queues - To make the logistics of home delivery a lot easier and more cost effective, your order is placed in a build queue based on delivery region.  This most significantly affects people who live in “outlier areas”.  If we are home delivering your order, and you happen to live in Alaska or “Fort-Prince-Saint-Something” (if this is you, you know how off the beaten path you are!) and we only go there once a year, then your order is likely to have a longer wait time depending on when we went there last.  If you live within the continental US, you are not as affected by build queues. 
  3. Order changes - Orders are flexible until they go into the build process.  Occasionally someone gets to the head of the line and decides to add on a coffee table and 8 chairs in addition to their original order of a dining room table.  We allow for that, however this takes up a significantly larger amount of time to build and pushes orders back that are behind this one in line.  Alternately someone could downsize their order, freeing up enough room for someone else to be invited to build a little earlier than normal.
  4. Carbonite - If for any reason an order is not ready to go to build, then we pause or “freeze” it prior to build, this would bump someone else up in the line.  Conversely if an order is ready to “thaw”, then it can bump back an order.  No one plans on freezing their order, and we do our best to help you thaw as quickly as Jabba will allow.
  5. Raw materials - Part of the build process is to order the raw materials (ingredients) that we will need to make your piece (and everyone else’s) in the same build queue.  Shortages can occur.  For example, even though we work with several lumber mills, from time to time there are lumber shortages.  It can be the type of wood, the quality we require, the thicknesses or amount of board footage we need, or any combination of these.  Our second year there was a major shortage on black walnut.  The mills literally did not cut enough walnut to withstand the market demand for it that winter.  So all the walnut orders had to be pushed back and the other wood types pushed forward. (Not to mention the cost of walnut skyrocketed during that time! Ouch!) And there was literally nothing we could do about it for a couple of months till they started harvesting again. 
  6. Personnel - Just like everyone else, our employees get sick (winter plague), go on leave (family, military, injury), and even get to go on vacation from time to time.  It takes 6-9 months at minimum to train a new craftsperson—fingers crossed on magical perfect hiring practices!  Because of their high levels of training, we can’t just call a temp agency to replace them…and you really don’t want us too!  Obviously overlapping absences cause the most havoc.
  7. Order variability - We aren’t making the exact same thing over and over again in your choice of color.  In the case of the Emissary (aka Envoy), multiply 21 sizes by 4 wood types by 4 primary drawer styles by 5 primary drawer layouts (yes, there are more choices than that, but we are going just for standard averages here.)...that equals 1,680 basic options to choose from that will significantly make a difference in the production of an Emissary.  There aren’t batching methods to use for made-to-order furniture due to all the variables.  If any of these are off during build, we have to restart the piece from scratch.
  8. Oops - Accidents and errors happen—usually in combination with expletives!  The error could occur in paperwork, cut-lists, purchasing, equipment failures, accidental impact damage, surprise warping, misalignments, fowl play as well as foul play, etc.  Sometimes they are not fixable and we have to start again from scratch.  Though unfortunate, that’s OK.  We are committed to building it right.  Depending on when the Oops is noticed or occurs, it can effect timelines.
  9. Environment -  We build everything just north of Seattle in Everett, WA USA.  For completions sake, it’s good to be aware that occasionally the environment can cause additional, unforeseen non-work days. Environmental factors include: 
    Rain:  The thing we are most well known for.  Usually just overcast and drizzly, but occasionally we have rain storms that cause enough flooding to shut things down for a day or so.  Once in a while we get really heavy and prolonged periods of rain that can cause build issues pre-spray due to radically increased humidity levels.
    Wind: Several times per year we have wind storms that knock down trees and subsequently we have power outages.  They usually only last a day or two and more infrequently last a week or more.
    Snow:  We rarely get snow that lasts for more than a couple of days.  It is infrequent to have a week or more of snow on our side of the state.  Whenever snow happens, typically everything non-essential shuts down for a couple of reasons:  Western Washington doesn’t have robust infrastructure to deal with our infrequent snow.  When snow does happens it usually snows a few inches, followed immediately by enough rain to saturate the snow, and then it clears up and freezes, creating lots of black ice…that is especially difficult to safely drive in due to our very hilly terrain!


    Any combination of these factors occurring simultaneously have been shown to more drastically effect timelines.

    Our commitment is to take the time to get it done right the first time.  Rest assured—since 2008 we have made thousands of pieces of made-to-order furniture and even though timelines flex, we always deliver.