Timelines shortcut: updated 12/16/2016


  • USPS shippable items 3-10 business days from purchase to delivery.
  • Freight shippable items average 2~4 weeks from purchase to delivery.


  • You configure, we custom build and white glove deliver 7 ~ 10 months from deposit to delivery.

We have learned a lot about making heirloom quality furniture and all of its pitfalls and unexpected turns since 2008.  It takes a lot of determination, a steady hand and patience and we still think that it is all worth it to be able to bring you the highest quality and most configurable Geek lifestyle furniture on the market.

There are several different ordering processes here at Geek Chic and each leads to a different set of expectations.  They are Ready-Made, Made-to-Order and Bespoke.


They are pre-made, ready-to-ship and have the shortest timelines to receive.  You can purchase them directly through the website.  If they are available for pre-order, see individual page for timeline estimates.   

 USPS shippable items (like game accessories) average a 3-10 business days from purchase to delivery.
Freight shippable items (like Standards furniture) average 2~4 weeks from purchase to delivery.



    Made-to-Order (MTO) means we have existing block templates for roughly 6-21 different sizes of each piece we offer--as well as the necessary specialty jigs, tooling, and training! We go over the pros and cons of sizes, features, and accessories to optimize the configuration that best fits you and your lifestyle. Then, we mix and match the block templates to build from scratch your Made-To-Order piece.

    Place a deposit to get in line for any Made-To-Order piece.

    Wait times from deposit to delivery have historically ranged between 6 and 18 months - not including orders that chose to go into carbonite.  Current MTO wait times are about 7 ~ 10 months from deposit to delivery. (As of 12/16/2016)

    You must place a deposit to get in line for a Made-to-Order piece. 


    We don’t have templates, jigs or designs for the unique something you want.  These items must be designed, engineered, prototyped and built based on consultations and adjustments by and for a singular client. 

    Invitation only - your project must be accepted in order to be allowed to deposit to get in line for a Bespoke piece.  Wait times from deposit to delivery for these have historically ranged between 18 months and 36 months. 



    Purchase > Process > Deliver 


    Add any item to your cart that shows as being in-stock.  Go through the purchasing process.  Receive your order confirmation via email.

    2) PROCESS

    Your order is received and processed through accounting.  Your order then goes to fulfillment. Your order is pulled, QA checked, packed and scheduled for 3rd party delivery.

    3) DELIVER

    You are sent a tracking number, a 3rd party shipper picks up your order from us and delivers to you.  When you receive your order, check the packaging for damage.  If there is damage, then record it by taking a picture before opening and unpacking. Check your order against the invoice.  Assemble your order if needed. 

    This is a very standard procedure for any company that keeps product in stock.  


    Deposit > Configure > Build > Deliver

    Place a DEPOSIT to secure your place in line.  Your Valet will help you CONFIGURE your piece and go over pros and cons as you wait through the backlog.

    When you reach the head of the line, your Valet will ask if you're ready to BUILD.  Answer "yes" and we'll double-check your order with you and arrange to collect the build payment.  (Answer "no", and we'll freeze your order in carbonite.)

    Next, Geek Chic works on orchestrating the processing, purchasing and building phases for all of the orders closed in the same month.

    When it's almost finished, we'll call to arrange for your delivery payment and work out the logistics to DELIVER to you. 

    1. DEPOSIT

    Your deposit is important: it secures your place in line and locks in pricing.

     To keep your wait as short as possible, make your deposit once you’ve decided you want it and will have space for it.  Don’t wait until you've made all the decisions about your order!  Your Valet will help you configure your piece while you wait through the backlog of orders in front of yours. 



    After depositing, you are assigned a Valet.  Your Valet is your geek furniture expert and advocate, here to help you make informed decisions.  Your Valet helps you optimize the configuration you want while you wait through the backlog to get into the build queue.  Take this time to really think through your options.

    We don't work on commission. Geek Chic believes that the concept of commission is at odds with customer service. Just like good game design, we don't incentivize behavior we don't want to see played. Your Valet is here to help you get the right thing-- not the most expensive thing.

    To start, you will be sent several questionnaires that ask about things like: What games do you play? Group size? Room size? Kids? Pets? Don't be surprised when we ask how tall you and your players are so we can assist you in choosing the best height.  We want to build you a piece that fits your life, not ours.  Your Valet will guide you through the multitude of possibilities — pointing out features you may want, and advising against unnecessary components and costs. Should you have a unique situation, your Valet may offer you solutions that aren't publicly available.

    3. BUILD

    When you get to the front of the line, you'll be contacted by your Valet and asked if you're ready to go into the Build Queue.  You can say one of two things:


    NO, I'M NOT READY :(

    1. Your Valet will do a final double-check of your order and help you finalize any areas that are still in question.
    2. Your Valet will inform you of any relevant innovations or new products since you started your order-- so you don't have to worry that you're missing out.
    3. Once your order is confirmed, your Valet will arrange for your build payment.  This second payment is the remaining balance of the made-to-order portion of your order.  The deposit you made at the beginning is credited towards this balance and the only remainder is due at this stage.  The delivery payment is due the month we deliver to you.
      The Carbonite Queue

      If for any reason you need to delay your build, just let us know and we'll put your order on hold. 

      We refer to all these on hold orders as being “frozen”.  All frozen orders live in the “Carbonite Queue”. We came to realize, that an order frozen in carbonite is fine, but we need a plan to get it out of Jabba’s palace and get it back into the fight against the empire.  Check out the Carbonite FAQ's for more information.


       After your table goes into the build queue, you have a bit of a wait.  We build more than a hundred pieces per month—and that takes a bit of planning! 
      1. Processing the build queue - paperwork, double checks, cut-lists, logistics considerations, etc.
      2. Purchasing all the materials - wood, hardware, fabric, etc.
      3. Building - wood sorting, profiling to thickness, cuting to length, shaping, sanding and assembling, spray finishing, post finish assembling, off gassing, crating, oh, and lots of quality assurance checking!
      4. Quality Assurance Checking - Anywhere along this process, the 7 to 8 Craftsman involved can reject any pieces that are not within our standards. 

      Your Valet will be able to get you the most up-to-date information on your order as it travels through the shop.  Be aware that there is a lot of “hurry up and wait” during this time :)

      4. DELIVER

      Geek Chic lives just north of Seattle, Washington. We organize our routes carefully, batching deliveries so we don't run amok across the map.  Logistics will call to verify your location, and discuss the anticipated delivery schedule with you-- so let them know if you'll be out of town or cannot accept delivery, as it will place you on a different route!  More info in the Home Delivery FAQ's.

      Logistics will give you a timeframe in which the Delivery Team will depart, and a window of when it will be in your area.  We give a "window" for arrival, as inclement weather, gridlock, a surprisingly time consuming delivery, and other unforeseen events can play a randomizing role in our delivery schedule (we roll 2d10 and consult a table just like everyone else). Your Delivery Team will keep in contact and let you know if the schedule changes for any reason.

      Your Geek Chic Delivery Team will bring your furniture into your home, assemble it, remove the packing, and do a final Quality Assurance evaluation-- making sure it meets our expectations and exceeds yours. 

      5.  PLAY (optional)

      You survived the wait and the reward is: It's all yours. Welcome to the world of custom, handmade, heirloom quality geek dream furniture!


      Qualify > Deposit > Consult > Preliminary Design > Design Adjusting > Prototype > Adjust > Final Build > Deliver

      This process is similar to the Made-to-order process…just lots more steps.  See the Bespoke page for more information.

      Current wait times for new Bespoke furniture are roughly 2 years from deposit to delivery for new Bespoke clients.