Standards International Shipping

Standard Vanguards and Standard Hoplites are crated and ready to ship internationally!


Geek Chic Standards International Shipping Policy

If you would like to have a Geek Chic Standards table shipped internationally, here is what to do:

  1. Purchase your Standards table and select the “will call” option for shipping.  
  2. Email Freight Support and add the details as listed below.
  3. Monday-Friday our team will email you within 24 hours to let you know that your quote request is being processed. (We are not open Saturday or Sunday.)
  4. If you have sent Freight Support all of the information requested below, then an international shipping quote is usually to you within 72 hours.  Your quote is usually good for up to 30 days. If you use our broker, then the quote will also include any import taxes and/or duties.
  5. Pay the quote and Freight Support will start prepping your shipment!

If you would like the shipping quote in advance of your purchase, then you additionally need to let us know exactly what you are ordering, including accessories.  Please be aware that this method will not secure your order.

Also be aware that international freight shipping will take longer to travel and clear customs.

Start your quote today!

Email with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your delivery address
  3. The phone number you want the delivery company to use
  4. Your preferred email for swift communications
  5. Your order number if you have made a purchase
  6. If you would prefer to use your own broker to get your table from your local port to your door. (We use Lynden International as the broker.  If you do a lot of international shipping and have your own broker, then let us know if you would like to use them.)

During the free shipping sale, all international orders will receive a $275 credit towards their delivery and the quote will only be good through the sale.  After the sale add $275 to the quote and it will be good for 30 days from the original date of quote.  


All Geek Chic Standards Tables are super easy to assemble.  (Make sure to save your crate if you move frequently!)