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8 Hour Chair - Deposit

Regular price $ 300.00
$300 reserves your place in line.  8 Hour Chairs average between $750 ~ $845 per chair.


Patented Butt-Hugging Technology

Any furniture maker will tell you that chairs are incredibly difficult to make. These things are expensive. It's not reverse psychology when we tell you that they're not for everyone. But for those of you who asked and asked, here are the chairs for your lifetime.

What innovation could Geek Chic bring to the chair? They had to be beautiful, durable, and above all, comfortable. The chair is the ergonomic interface between you and the table. The result: even skeptical backsides are won over by the most comfortable wooden chair in existence, The 8 Hour Chair.


All 8 Hour Chairs have a gentle, beautiful lumbar curve that supports the curve in your spine and encourages good posture. They have a scoop in the seat so your back side doesn't fall asleep. And a gentle slope downward behind your knees, so your blood supply doesn't get cut off to your legs--Yes, that's why you start shifting around in those other chairs!

Every 8 Hour Chair includes:

  • Choice of style
  • Choice of wood
  • Conversion varnish
  • 18" seat height 
  • A Geek Chic Valet*

19'' and 20'' seat heights are available.

*The Geek Chic Valet is your geek furniture expert and advocate, here to help you make informed decisions as you optimize your order after placing your deposit.


Open the SEATING PRICING GUIDE to peruse sizes, styles and associated cost.

    Your Valet will assist you with making sure you get the size the will fit you best!


    Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, sourced from certified sustainable forests. 

    To help you choose, your Valet will send you a packet of wood samples for you to peruse in the natural light of your intended space. 

    GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Stain?  Not if we can help it!
    FAS grade lumber is the top industry standard grade of lumber used for high-end furniture. Being the wood geeks we are, we have a created a specialty "Geek Chic grade" of even higher quality lumber that does not need to be stained. (Although you may add-on stain should you choose.) All the images you see on this website are not stained unless specifically stated. You are seeing the quality of our lumber with a clear conversion varnish sealant-- no stain is covering up inferior grades of wood! 


    Conversion varnish is the clear finish most commonly used in the high-end furniture market.  This unsung hero of the finish world is extremely durable, and rated for heavy use. Its a little tricky to apply, but it is worth it.  Unlike lacquers and polyurethanes, conversion varnish is completely water-resistant, so you needn’t worry about water, wine or hot beverage stains!  

    Conversion varnish is also a dream to clean-just use mild soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth.  Gamer-proof!
    GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Household Chemicals Tests show that conversion varnish has no visual effect to Household Ammonia, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, 50% Ethyl Alcohol, Red Ink, Oil Base Paint, Latex Emulsion Paint, VM&P Naphtha, Turpentine, Orange Crayon, Carbon Tetrachloride, 10% Sodium Carbonate Solution, Water, and Grease--Conversion varnish is a superior coating to any brand of varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane!


    All Hardwood, No Fabric
    We have made the decision here at Geek Chic to offer chairs in solid hardwood only. We do not offer fabric seats due to the entropic nature of fabric-- cushioning and fabric will break down over time. This leads to a decrease in comfort over time. Hardwood won't break down, so as our chairs age the comfort of their shape remains. After 20 years or so of service, if your chairs have a few dings, have them sanded down and refinished. They will look good as new, but their support of you will never have felt less than new.

    No cup holders for you!
    Our seating doesn't come with cup holders or any other attachments. You are human. You like to move. Your legs will run into anything you stick out from your chair. Beverages are liquid. Liquid will spill if not treated right. If you adjust your chair in any way, and there is a beverage attached to it, it will likely slop over the sides of you glass. This is for your own good, please do not ask your Valet if you can attach cup holders onto your chair. ...You know who you are.

    Low Back vs High Back
    From our experience, testers under 5'2'' tend to prefer the lower backs, whereas testers over 5'6'' indicated a clear preference for the high-backed chair. Testers 5'2'' - 5'6'' could go either way, talk with your Valet for a good recommendation.

    Low Back Recommendations
    The low back chairs are 18" from floor to seat and have an overall height of 32". The seat is 18" at their widest and 18" deep. 1 chair will fit on a 2'4" side. 2 chairs may fit on a 3'2" and will fit on a 4' side. 3 chairs will fit on a 5' side. 4 chairs will squeeze on a 6' side, but 7' or 7.5' would be better.

    High Back Chair Recommendations
    The high back chairs are 18" from floor to seat and have an overall height of 39". The seat is 20.5 " at their widest and 20" deep. 1 chair will fit on a 2'4" or 3'2" side. 2 chairs will fit on a 4' or 5' side. 3 chairs will fit on a 6' side. 4 chairs will squeeze on a 7' side, but 7.5' would be better.


    $300 reserves your place in line.  8 Hour Chairs average between $750 ~ $845 per chair.


    If you would like a more targeted home delivery estimate or more in depth furniture information, email and let us know:  

    • The piece of furniture you are interested in.
    • The size you are interested in.  
    • Where you live.  
    • And throw in any other questions you may have :)

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