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Alexandria - Deposit

Regular price $ 1,500.00
$1500 reserves your place in line.  Alexandrias average between $4k ~ $8k depending on size and options chosen. 

The Alexandria Codex

A dragon punch to the balls of the white cardboard box.

We all have them. White cardboard boxes filled with collections that represent our own personal Golden and Silver Ages, guaranteed to be relegated to containment rooms and basements due to their unsightly appearance-- ironic, as they contain works from the greatest pop artists of their generations.

The Alexandria Codex is a storage system that brings our comic and card collections into the areas we live and gives them a home that befits their importance. Open bays display books, statuettes, and games. Drawers with card catalogue hardware allow you to organize and index your collection in an elegant fashion.

Heroes deserve our respect. Bring them out of the basement.


Each opening is called a bay. When you choose your size, it is not measured in feet and inches, but in bays.

The Alexandria Codex can be as small as a 6 bay unit (2 high, 3 wide) or as large as a 25 bay unit (5 high, 5 wide)

The Alexandria Codex pricing does not include any drawers.  Drawers are a la carte as we believe that you should have the choice to purchase the configuration that is right for you.

Every Alexandria includes:

  • Choice of 12 sizes
  • Choice of wood
  • Conversion varnish
  • Vertical inlay options
  • A Geek Chic Valet*
  • Accessories are available to add-on.  
If you are more of a visual learner, go to the GEEK CHIC booth walkthrough.  This 2 part series tours you through most of our Made-To-Order furniture.  The Alexandria is shown in part 1.
*The Geek Chic Valet is your geek furniture expert and advocate, here to help you make informed decisions as you optimize your order after placing your deposit.


The Alexandria is measured not in feet, but in bays. When you choose your size, the Alexandria can be as small as 2 bays tall by 3 wide, or as large as 3 tall by 5 wide.

Open the ALEXANDRIA PRICING GUIDE and on the first page you will see the Size Guide matrix and each sizes associated cost. The cost of the included features are based on the size you choose.  

Reading the guide:

  • The dimensions with the white background indicate the number of bays.  
  • The dimensions with the grey background indicate the full dimensions.

Your Valet will assist you with making sure you get the size the will fit your space and most importantly your collection!

GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  It's important to know that we don't build these overly high. Why? Because after five feet, those heavy modular drawers have an M.O. like an Acme anvil. To avoid head injuries and general strain, we tend to keep the Alexandria to a modest, and far more functional, height...and they won't fit under most doors if they go any higher.


Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, sourced from certified sustainable forests. 

To help you choose, your Valet will send you a packet of wood samples for you to peruse in the natural light of your intended space. 

GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Stain?  Not if we can help it!
FAS grade lumber is the top industry standard grade of lumber used for high-end furniture. Being the wood geeks we are, we have a created a specialty "Geek Chic grade" of even higher quality lumber that does not need to be stained. (Although you may add-on stain should you choose.) All the images you see on this website are not stained unless specifically stated. You are seeing the quality of our lumber with a clear conversion varnish sealant-- no stain is covering up inferior grades of wood!


Conversion varnish is the clear finish most commonly used in the high-end furniture market.  This unsung hero of the finish world is extremely durable, and rated for heavy use. Its a little tricky to apply, but it is worth it.  Unlike lacquers and polyurethanes, conversion varnish is completely water-resistant, so you needn’t worry about water, wine or hot beverage stains!  

Conversion varnish is also a dream to clean-just use mild soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth.  Gamer-proof!
GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Household Chemicals Tests show that conversion varnish has no visual effect to Household Ammonia, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, 50% Ethyl Alcohol, Red Ink, Oil Base Paint, Latex Emulsion Paint, VM&P Naphtha, Turpentine, Orange Crayon, Carbon Tetrachloride, 10% Sodium Carbonate Solution, Water, and Grease--Conversion varnish is a superior coating to any brand of varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane!


You may choose to have a triple stripe, double stripe, or no stripe on the verticals. Please note, Alexandria Codices without stripes will be bad at hiding in tall grass. Plan accordingly.


The Alexandria Codex's bays can be left open like a bookshelf, or filled with a variety of our exquisite modular drawers, listed below. All drawer units are fully removable. Double and Triple drawer sets have a fully removable frame.

This means no matter what style of drawers you choose to add, they can be pulled out and moved to another bay at any time. Also as your needs change you can purchase additional drawers at a future date. For drawer pricing, refer to the ALEXANDRIA PRICING GUIDE.

Single:  Undivided drawer that fits 175-200 or comics. Interior size: 11.5" high X 7.25" wide x 14.625" deep

Double: Optimal storage for larger miniatures, larger card games, CDs/DVDs. Interior size of: 5.25" high x 6.75" wide x 15" deep

Triple: For the organization of cards, small miniatures, and other small items (dice, chits, pencils, needleworkƒ). Interior size: 3 .5" high x 6.75" wide x 15" deep

File: This drawer has grooves in it to hang legal or letter files. Interior size: 11.5" high X 7.25" wide x 14.625" deep

Drawer Construction
All drawers are Maple hardwood with half blind dove tail construction with solid hardwood faces in matching hardwood to shelf unit - Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut. 

Drawer Dividers (Optional)
You may choose to get wooden dividers for double and triple drawers. Whether you're sorting decks, minis, or buttons, sometimes you need a greater degree of granularity.

Card Catalogue Hardware
Our card catalogue hardware hearkens back to a bygone age, with sturdy pulls and a slot for a slip of fine, handwritten paper to indicate the contents. Sherlock himself would be pleased.


$1500 reserves your place in line.  Alexandrias average between $4k ~ $8k depending on size and options chosen. 


Alexandrias are currently home delivered and average between $400 - $985 to the lower 48 United States.

If you would like a more targeted home delivery estimate or more in depth furniture information, email and let us know:  

  • The piece of furniture you are interested in.
  • The size you are interested in.  
  • Where you live.  
  • And throw in any other questions you may have :)


Alexandria vs. League: Comics Storage

If you're looking for something comics-specific, you may be interested in The League.

Side-by-side comics comparison:

The Alexandria is 17" deep overall. The drawers are modular (completely removable) and the comic drawers will hold 14 5/8" of comics.

The League is 20 1/2" deep overall. The drawers are on drawer slides that fully extend (you can reach your entire collection) and the drawers will hold 16 3/4" of comics.

Price-wise, you will also save between $350-$1200 over the average comparable cost of an Alexandria filled with single drawers.

The Alexandria is a piece with its own solid, eloquent style, and it offers a versatility The League does not. The Alexandria comes empty; its modular drawers are fully removable. The drawers come in three different sizes and styles so you can easily reorganize or add on drawers over time. The Alexandria also gives you the option to have open shelves for books, games, display items, etc.... Whereas The League is a comics headquarters.

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