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The Band

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The Band is an accessory for your Geek Chic game accessories!  This flexible band is specifically sized for use with all Geek Chic Deck Carriers, Deck Flasks and Entropy Engines.  This simple yet elegant solution keeps them all safely closed when in transit.  It can also be used as additional support when using the Entropy Engine.  

Key Features

  • The Band is made out of silicone - it will outlast natural or synthetic rubber bands.
  • Conveniently available in quantities of 1, 3, or 12, you can upgrade an older model, replace lost bands or use them as super strong rubber bands.
  • Yes! These handy bands can also do all the things that large rubber bands can do!  Like hold small boxes (stuffed with expansions) closed, or hold a deck of cards (or several).
Approximate length: 4 1/2" flat or 9" round
Approximate width: 3/4"
Maximum Stretch: 12" - 14" flat or 24" - 28" round
Material: Silicone
Dark brown - A color that compliments all wood types.


Q:  Will the Band work with my original game accessory?

A:  Yes, you can add a band on to any Geek Chic Deck Carrier, Deck Flask or Entropy Engine that was purchased before the Band became available.

Q:  Why silicone instead of regular rubber?

A:  Silicone, though more costly, is stronger than natural or synthetic rubber. It does not overstretch, dry out, bleed or fade.  It is difficult to break, is heat and UV light resistant, hypoallergenic and has enough grip to support an open Entropy Engine.

Q:  Why a Band?

A:  The Band is a combination of the right material, size, and is ease of use.  (It is also easily replaced if lost or damaged.)  The Band also further protects, enhances and accessorizes your Geek Chic game accessory.      

Q:  Why does the Band only come in one color?

A:  The Band is a support piece, not the center of attention.  Like a good assistant or valet, the Band adds a layer of support without being a bright, clashing pop of "look at me!!!" color.  The color we chose is reminiscent of leather (without the issues of leather) and looks good with all wood types as well as just about anything else you put it on!  Geek Chic - helping refine your style!  


It is what it is.


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