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Bank Box

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You want a gift registry for your birthdays, weddings, holiday times, and expected child(ren)... The Depository is our answer.

The Depository is two things: literally, it's a coin bank the cost of which can be redeemed towards Geek Chic goods. Symbolically, it's a little piece of Geek Chic to hang on to until you achieve the real thing.

Easy to use! You can put the Depository on your desk, give it to your spouse, use it as a GM bribe box, or put in on the gift table at a geek wedding. Simply store your growing pile of coins inside until you're ready to place your deposit, then redeem the coins and the code on the bottom of the box with Geek Chic-- and start building your Emissary*.

*The word 'Emissary' may be exchanged for any other customizable Geek Chic piece, or combination of pieces listed in the Furniture section. You may use Gift Coins in the the Market Place section as well!

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