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Regular price $ 1,050.00

$1050 reserves your place in line.  Envoys average between $3k ~ $5k depending on size and accessories chosen. 



It has legs;  know how to use them.

An elegant accessory to any room of the house, The Envoy makes even the smallest home a gaming embassy.  But it's not just a diminutive dandy with fancy drawers! This beautiful, multi-purpose piece includes two sets of interchangeable legs so it can navigate the complex politics of limited space.  

Want to raise your coffee table to dining height on game day? Need an extra dining table during the holidays?  Live in a studio and wish you could adjust the height of your table as occasion demands?  The Envoy is your chevalier in conversion varnish armor!


The Envoy is our original multi-function, multi-purpose problem solver, and our most configurable dining and coffee and gaming table. You can fine-tune every feature of the Envoy.

Every Envoy includes:

  • Choice of 9 sizes
  • Choice of wood
  • Conversion varnish
  • Game Vault System
    • Hardwood Leaves (length-wise)
    • Vault depth:  2 1/4"
    • Transparent layer
    • Suction cup to lift the layer
    • Vault floor:  white
  • Choice of 2 heights-coffee & dining  
  • Docking rails for both Rail System and Undermount System accessories 
  • A Geek Chic Valet*
  • Accessories are available to add-on.  
If you are more of a visual learner, go to the GEEK CHIC booth walkthrough.  This 2 part series tours you through most of our Made-To-Order furniture.  The Emissary (aka Envoy) is the first table shown in part 1.
*The Geek Chic Valet is your geek furniture expert and advocate, here to help you make informed decisions as you optimize your order after placing your deposit.


Open the ENVOY PRICING GUIDE and on the first page you will see the Size Guide matrix and each sizes associated cost. The cost of the included features is based on the size you choose.  

Reading the guide:

  • The dimensions with the white background indicate the Game Vault's size.  
  • The dimensions with the grey background indicate the full table's size.

Your Valet will assist you with making sure you get the size the will fit your space, group size, and most importantly, your games!


Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, sourced from certified sustainable forests. 

To help you choose, your Valet will send you a packet of wood samples for you to peruse in the natural light of your intended space. 

GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Stain?  Not if we can help it!
FAS grade lumber is the top industry standard grade of lumber used for high-end furniture. Being the wood geeks we are, we have a created a specialty "Geek Chic grade" of even higher quality lumber that does not need to be stained. (Although you may add-on stain should you choose.) All the images you see on this website are not stained unless specifically stated. You are seeing the quality of our lumber with a clear conversion varnish sealant-- no stain is covering up inferior grades of wood!


Conversion varnish is the clear finish most commonly used in the high-end furniture market.  This unsung hero of the finish world is extremely durable, and rated for heavy use. Its a little tricky to apply, but it is worth it.  Unlike lacquers and polyurethanes, conversion varnish is completely water-resistant, so you needn’t worry about water, wine or hot beverage stains!  

Conversion varnish is also a dream to clean-just use mild soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth.  Gamer-proof!
GEEK KNOWLEDGE:  Household Chemicals Tests show that conversion varnish has no visual effect from Household Ammonia, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, 50% Ethyl Alcohol, Red Ink, Oil Base Paint, Latex Emulsion Paint, VM&P Naphtha, Turpentine, Orange Crayon, Carbon Tetrachloride, 10% Sodium Carbonate Solution, Water, or Grease--Conversion varnish is a superior coating to any brand of varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane!


The Game Vault is where your games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill/cat/people-resistant. Keep your game safe and in progress with this deceptively simple and infinitely useful system of layers.


A set of hardwood leaves (lid), the transparent layer (with suction cup to lift it) and a white vault floor are included. The remaining layers are game specific add-ons.

For more information on these alternate layers go to the Leaves and Lids & Insets pages of the ENVOY PRICING GUIDE.


Your Valet will ask your height and the heights of your group in order to get the perfect fit.  We offer dining table heights every half inch between 29" and 33". 
Envoys include a set of coffee table height legs as well as a set of dining height legs.  Counter and bar heights are available as well.


Think of the Rail System as Geek Chic's utility belt for your table. Light weight rail accessories attach anywhere along the Rail Groove in your table.  This system allows for the ultimate in quickly reconfiguring to suit your game.
For more details, open the  ENVOY PRICING GUIDE and check out the Accessories page.


Part of what makes the Envoy excellent is the option to add-on drawers. The number of drawers that will fit depends on the size of table you choose-- don't worry, your Valet will help you sort that out! 

Drawers with desktops were originally developed to hold all the materials for role-playing gamers.  We have since discovered they are infinitely more useful!  

  • The drawer slides are rated for 100 lbs--sturdy enough to use as desks.
  • The drawers with desk tops lock open-so you don't set a melty plate of nachos on the desk, lean forward, have the desk roll in and the nachos fall in your lap!
  • The desk surface is 3" lower than the tables surface, the perfect height when using your laptop's keyboard.  
  • You can store all sorts of supplies in the drawer--home office, art, game, etc.
  • Desk drawers are also great for small children--they lock open, they are sturdy, they can store homework/art/eating supplies and the lower height means no booster seat required! 
Add-on Drawer Options pricing is listed underneath the Size Guide on the first page of the downloadable pricing guide.

Under Mount Accessories

For those of you who choose to add-on drawers, we have under mount accessories that lock onto the underside of your table.


For more details, open the ENVOY PRICING GUIDE and check out the Accessories page.


$1050 reserves your place in line.  Envoys average between $3k ~ $5k depending on size and accessories chosen. 


Envoys are currently home delivered and average between $350 ~ $685 to the lower 48 United States.

If you would like a more targeted home delivery estimate or more in depth furniture information, email and let us know:  

  • The piece of furniture you are interested in.
  • The size you are interested in.  
  • Where you live.  
  • And throw in any other questions you may have :)


The Envoy is The Emissary  

The Emissary actually comes in 21 sizes...and we have discovered that it is overwhelming to view all at once!  So we have split this table into 2: The Emissary and The Envoy.  If your table needs to be 4 foot or shorter, then you want to stay here on the Envoy information. If you want your table to be 5 foot or longer, then you want to look at the Emissary pages.  Also check out the Emissary if you want to see more pictures :)

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