Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite
Standard Hoplite

Standard Hoplite
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$ 2,300.00


Check the Standard Hoplite Game Vault Accessories before you check out to save on shipping!!!

The Standard Hoplite is the gaming command center for your living room.

With an indexed drawer, modular rail system, and dropped play surface, the Hoplite is the perfect table for your actual needs. Don't fall into the trap of comparing anything about your current coffee table with the Hoplite–it isn't fair to either!

Give your video game controllers, TV remotes, and cup holders a real home–upgrade your "coffee table" today!


Every Standard Hoplite Includes:

  • 1 Size:  2'4" x 3'2" Game Vault (2'7" x 3'5" exterior)
  • Choice of wood: Cherry, Sapele or Walnut
  • Conversion varnish
  • Game Vault System
    • Hardwood Leaves (width-wise)
    • Vault depth: 2 1/4"
    • Transparent layer
    • Suction cup to lift the layer
    • Vault floor:  white
  • 22" overall height
  • Storage drawer 
  • Rail System docking rails
Rail accessories can be used on this table.  Add on Rail System accessories to custom fit it to your needs.
If you are more of a visual learner, go to the GEEK CHIC booth walkthrough.  This 2 part series tours you through most of our Made-To-Order furniture.  The Hoplite is shown in part 1.

 ~ THE SIZE ~ 

  • 2'4" x 3'2" Game Vault
  • 2'7" x 3'5" exterior surface 

The Standard Hoplite's size was chosen based on our most popular configuration for board game and coffee table enthusiasts.

The Standard Hoplite comfortably houses most standard board games.  

If you need a different size, then consider depositing for a Made-To-Order Hoplite.


Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, sourced from certified sustainable forests. 


Conversion varnish is a 2 part clear finish most commonly used in the high-end furniture market and rated for heavy use. Unlike lacquers and polyurethanes, conversion varnish is completely water-resistant so you needn’t worry about water spots, wine rings, or acidic food stains!  

Conversion varnish is also a dream to clean--just use mild soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth.  Gamer-proof!


The Game Vault System is where your board games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill/cat/people-resistant. Keep your game safe and in progress with this deceptively simple and infinitely useful system of layers.

Every Standard Hoplite includes these layers:
Hardwood leaves: width-wise

Vault depth:  2 1/4"

Transparent layer & suction cup to lift the layer
Vault floor:  white
    The remaining layers are game specific add-ons and may be purchased through the Made-To-Order line.

     ~ THE HEIGHT ~ 

    A pre-packaged set of legs give The Standard Hoplite an overall height of 22". This height is the most comfortable to lean over and down into the game vault, put your feet on from the couch, scoot a coffee table stool under, dance or sit on when closed, etc.


    The Rail System is Geek Chic's utility belt for your table. Light weight rail accessories attach anywhere along your table's docking rail. This system allows for quick reconfiguration to suit your game.

    Add on Rail System accessories to fit your needs.


    A divided drawer allows you to keep card games, controllers, rail accessories and more within easy reach. Storage drawers are 3" deep and pull out the same distance on either side of the table.


     ~ PRICING ~ 

    The Standard Hoplite is $2300 in cherry or sapele and $2600 in walnut.

    Rail System accessories can be ordered at the same time you place your order.

    Email sales@geekchichq.com and let us know any other questions you may have :)

     ~ SHIPPING ~ 

    All Standards furniture is freight shipped directly to your home.  You will be contacted to verify the address you want it shipped to, and go over what receiving curbside or threshold freight entails.

    Continental Shipping:  Standard Hoplites are currently freight shipped to the lower 48 United States only and ranges between $275 ~ $500.  Purchase to delivery averages 2-6 weeks as long as you are prompt with your correspondence.

    International Shipping is not available at this time:  International shipping is not currently available, but will be soon.  We are working on making sure our new packaging solutions meet international standards.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be informed of when international shipping becomes available.

     ~ FAQ ~ 

    Q:  What type of accessories can I add onto the Standard Hoplite?

    A:  The Standard Hoplite works with all rail accessories.  Go to the Rail System Accessories page to order.

    Q:  What is Geek Chic Standards?

    A:  Geek Chic Standards are a line of Ready-Made geek furniture available in the most popular size(s), configuration(s) and features all pre-packaged for delivery. These freight shippable items average 2~6 weeks from purchase to delivery.

    Q:  What does Ready-Made mean?

    A:  Ready-made means that the item is handcrafted by our in-house craftspeople in small batches and placed into inventory, no outsourced, contracted table builders here. These craft batched tables are Quality Assurance checked every step of the way and then packed up so they are ready to freight ship directly to you.  The next person to open them is their new owner!

    Q:  If it's shipped directly to me...does that mean I have to put it together?

    A:  Yes it does! Don't worry, it is super easy and instructions are included.  The base is one piece and all you have to do is put the table legs and drawer back on. 2 bolts per leg, and a little wrench is even included--easy peasy!  If you move frequently, we recommend taking your time opening the box and saving it so you can use it for your next move.

    Q:  Can a Standard Hoplite be altered?

    A:  Ready-Made furniture cannot be altered in any way.  What is listed in the INCLUDED FEATURES is what it comes with.  If you need a different size or color, please look at the Made-To-Order Hoplite.

    Q:  What if the Standard Hoplite is perfect for me, but I just want to change the height?

    A:  You would need to consider ordering a Made-To-Order Hoplite. Because of how the drawer is attached, you cannot order an additional set of legs.  This height is really, really, really comfortable for all aspects of use–we have been making Hoplites since 2009 and gaming coffee tables really should be taller!

    Q:  Why can't I alter any Geek Chic Standard piece of furniture?

    A:  Altering the piece in any way would require additional Quality Assurance checks, and new packaging, creating an entirely new process of tracking a Made-To-Order piece through a Ready-Made line...and most importantly alteration would take us longer to get the piece to you.  For those reasons, what is in the box, is in the box.