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Standard Vanguard Game Vault Accessories

Regular price $ 115.00

Do not pay extra shipping when ordered with your Standard Vanguard!!!

Fabric Insets, 1" grids and 1" hexes easily fit within the Standard Vanguards packaging–and you will save upwards of $295 in extra shipping by ordering them with your Standard Vanguard.

Rail accessories for your Standard Vanguard (like cup holders) are found HERE

GAME VAULT ~ How it works

The Game Vault is where your games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill/cat/people-resistant. Keep your game safe and in progress with this deceptively simple and infinitely useful system of layers. 


  • Building puzzles
  • Any style of card game
  • Any style of dice game
  • Any game where you build the board during play
  • Craft projects (jewelry making, sewing, painting, etc) 
Your Fabric Inset ships at no additional charge when ordered with your table. When purchased and shipped out separately, these oversized pieces are about as much to ship as to purchase. 


If you are depositing for a new Made-To-Order table, then do not order accessories at the same time.  The Valet team will assist you with adding on these little refinements as you go through the process of customizing your piece.  

If you are purchasing a Geek Chic Standards Table, then feel free to add on any game vault accessories you may want at the same time (and save on shipping).


All accessories listed as SOLD OUT may be ordered anytime by sending an email to
Let the team know: 
  1. The name your table is associated with and/or your client ID #.
  2. What accessories you are interested in.
  3. Your current shipping address.

It takes an average of 4-6 weeks from order to delivery for Made-To-Order accessories.

    Care and General Maintenance Guide 



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