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The Rick Roller

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Rick is always ready to roll for you.

It's super easy to Rick Roll!  All you have to do is:

  1. Drop your dice into Rick's head.     
  2. Rick rolls your dice.     
  3. See your roll at Rick's feet.     

    Bonus:  You can store an average of 30 dice inside the Rick Roller.  You need never say goodbye to your Rick Roller as it is conveniently portable!  Always take yours with you wherever you run around.  

     Store an average of 30 dice inside your portable Rick Roller  Use the powers of gravity for proper dice removal.  30 dice in the bin.

    Dice removal is easy, just stand your Rick Roller up and he will use the power of gravity to let your dice down without letting you down!

    Is this real?  Does the button ask for money?  Did you pay the money?  If you pay, be prepared to play.

    The winter holidays are right around the corner, and you know how hard (insert name of relation, friend, lover and/or arch nemesis here) is to shop for!  Give the gift you know they don't have, purchase your The Rick Roller TODAY!


    Click on THE ONE MODEL box and then click on ADD TO CART in order to get your very own Rick Roller.


    FYI:  Cherry reddens with age.  In the picture below you see an aged cherry bin next to a fresh Rick Roller.  The more light, the faster cherry deepens in color.  

    Aged cherry next to new cherry.

    Science Experiment:  Customizing your Rick Roller with light!

    1.  Apply a low adhesive sticker or tape to create a pattern and set in the sun.

    2.  Remove sticker 7 days later to see minimal results.  The longer it sets in the sun, the higher the contrast will be!

    What will you do?


    Why is this a product?  Read about it on our blog post:  ROLL WITH ME:  Never giving up on my bucket list

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